Thursday, February 24, 2011

Loving thursdays...

I dislike going to the denist. I also dislike waking up super early. I dislike waking up super early having to go to the denist. I need prayers. My mouth hurts. I have an root canal infection on one side, and a cavity on the nerve on the other. not good for either side. The denist also tells me to advise at least 48-72 hours after procedure I should be able to return to any and all physical activity. Im so bummed. I consider it bad enough that i have to take rest days with the opens so close, now I have to take more time away due to an oral infection, and a cavity. NOT COOL! Well, I remain in upper spirits. My tooth still hurts from the work they did this morning, but I should remain strong, and persistant with my training untill told otherwise. Thank you for your prayers.

Until next time .. I choose GOD!

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