Friday, December 18, 2009

Long day today .. Starting at 10:00am (i know .. so early huh :)
Ok, so of course checking facebook first thing in the morning, moms and I went to breakfast at our local dinner. Awesome place, with the largest Chicken Fried Steak you could possibly imagine. think bigger .. nope not big enough. This thing seriously covers the WHOLE plate then comes plate number 2 with the eggs and hashbrowns .. Salida Country Kitchen .. Awesome place, come check it out. Anyway, 3 egg scramble with some ham and tomatos, large water, and a handful of almonds, with a slice of buttered bread. Not a bad breakfast, but not ideal for training the way i should be. :/ still learning to eat and how to react.

No morning workout today, ran errands instead. :)

Ok, so lunch time rolls around .. back at the house .. 3.5oz of G.Foreman cooked chicken, 2 peeled raw carrots, medium size handful of almonds, and 1/2 of a large orange .. with a glass of ACCELL and almond milk. Much better for energy and preformance. So its about 330p-ish .. and its time to hit the gym .. In-Shape I go...

I get to the gym, its simi slow inside .. not a lot of people in the building .. or they knew i was coming :) got a good 15minute warmup with a brisk walk on the treadmill .. then to the lifting. YEAH! My favorite part...
50 Pull-up
50 #1/2BW(bodyweight) Lat pull-downs
--3 rounds of 15
*(SS)* dumbbell Chest Flys / push-ups
5x5s of Strick Shoulder Presses followed by the same on the Back Squat .. just a little heavier :)
*(think i finished with 145 and 245.. Squat could of deffinately been heavier but im not worried about it today)*

and for the finale .. another round of 50 pullups and 50 lat pulls .. :) awesome workout out to finish an awesome day .. 2 oz cottage cheese, 1 larger carrot (raw) small handful of almonds and to bed i go :)

Good night to all and to all a good night!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sorry Ive been away for a few days .. computer has been down :(

Today is Wednesday, December 16th, 2009
I lagged during breakfast and had a bowl of Captain Crunch .. it tasted amazing. :) but for lunch i stopped by my local market for 4oz of Turkey Breast sliced .. 1 large Green Granny Smith Apple, two decent size handfuls of almonds .. while i washed it down with water from my gallon Jug. I was so tired from yesterdays workout .. this really got me through my day. When i got home, I used the Foreman to make 1 large chicken breast, added a little garlic salt and pepper for seasoned, sliced it down the middle and added it to a glob of peanut butter and lettuce, for my carbs, I skinned a few carrots, added a handful of almonds, with 4 saltine crackers also with peanut butter (not measured) and again few good swigs from the gallon jug. *bout half way*

To the gym I go, step aside Arnold!! **Globe-O Style weight-lifting
Incline Press 7-5-5-5-3 starting 135
(*SS*) 15 pullups / Cable Rows x3
(*SS*) 15 Hammer Curls / Barbell Curls
Dumbell Fly 15reps x3

Dinner.. 4oz Foremaned Chicken peanut butter lettace wraps, 2 medium raw carrots, handful almonds, 1/2 Large orange, 1/4 gallon of water.

Snacking .. Popcorn and almonds with water .. finished my 2nd 1/2 of the orange.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

decent lonely workout .. hit the elipitcal for bout 15 mins .. just over a mile .. like 1.19m ... few little lifts .. dinked around till the hoggers got away from the squat rack .. well i sorta interviened when i wanted in .. they were taking to long and the form was hedious. Had to show them how to do the power clean to a front squat to a True Push press .. since thats what they were desperatly trying to do ... then hit a 5 set single clean and jerk finishing at #200 .. i think next week im going to focus on the full clean and squat .... finished with 3 sets of 15 pullups and dips .. my body is gased .. TIME FOR FOOD!! any suggestions?

Had an amazing breakfast .. 3 egg whites with little bit of chicken .. 3 peeled raw carrots .. 1/3d cup oatmeal .. 1/3 c almonds and 16oz water .. so awesome!! i feel a great workout coming up :)) TIM - Lets go after those Clean and Jerkls? Anyone with a video camera busy later?