Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sorry Ive been away for a few days .. computer has been down :(

Today is Wednesday, December 16th, 2009
I lagged during breakfast and had a bowl of Captain Crunch .. it tasted amazing. :) but for lunch i stopped by my local market for 4oz of Turkey Breast sliced .. 1 large Green Granny Smith Apple, two decent size handfuls of almonds .. while i washed it down with water from my gallon Jug. I was so tired from yesterdays workout .. this really got me through my day. When i got home, I used the Foreman to make 1 large chicken breast, added a little garlic salt and pepper for seasoned, sliced it down the middle and added it to a glob of peanut butter and lettuce, for my carbs, I skinned a few carrots, added a handful of almonds, with 4 saltine crackers also with peanut butter (not measured) and again few good swigs from the gallon jug. *bout half way*

To the gym I go, step aside Arnold!! **Globe-O Style weight-lifting
Incline Press 7-5-5-5-3 starting 135
(*SS*) 15 pullups / Cable Rows x3
(*SS*) 15 Hammer Curls / Barbell Curls
Dumbell Fly 15reps x3

Dinner.. 4oz Foremaned Chicken peanut butter lettace wraps, 2 medium raw carrots, handful almonds, 1/2 Large orange, 1/4 gallon of water.

Snacking .. Popcorn and almonds with water .. finished my 2nd 1/2 of the orange.

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