Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fueling the Animal..

Monday night - 4 slices of greasy pepperoni pizza from pizza blast. Can not lie, it tasted awesome.

Tuesday morning - 1 1/2 serving of Quakers Oatmeal. Lunch, I had the Clubhouse Special from Togo's eatery. finally for dinner .. I ate at La Pearl Mexican Restaurant, eating two taco truck style tacos, asada, salsa, and onions.

Wednesday morning i treated myself to breakfast in the kitchen. I made 2 eggs over medium with about a 1/2cup of Kate's Taco Chili. 1130ish, I followed a workout with a Progenix recovery protein shake. 2pm-ish, I ate again. This time devouring a large serving of Teriyaki Chicken and rice with a few veggies. 4 hours later, entering a time I was feeling the urge for more fuel, I turned to an Anabolic Recovery Matrix powder protein Shake of the lemon Lime flavor. (mighty tasty, when the right amount of water is added) Along with a Peanut Butter Power Bar

Thursday morning, I started it with a 3 egg scramble, adding 2oz of sliced deli turkey, including a small orange, half of a banana, and 12 almonds. Adding to the delicious Chili, that Kate made, extra lean turkey, corn, beans, chipolte seasoning, and mustard. (absolutely amazing). Finishing the evening with a quart of Sunny side Chocolate Milk.

Finally, Friday morning, i treated myself to 2 servings of Coco Puffs with 2% milk. Post workout, one medium sized orange, and an MAX ARM protein shake. one single pint of chocolate milk, and a protein bar. Mid-day snack, Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly, with turkey and two microwaved eggs in a sandwich. Late night meal, Sourdough grilled chicken sandwich, with small curly fries and sprite, with 4 mini churos. :)

I did not follow up thru the weekend. stay tuned for next weeks results.

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