Monday, February 21, 2011

3 times today..

So after a healthy breakfast, of turkey, eggs, an orange, and coffee. I was off to the gym. Three times today I worked out. After our twenty minutes of warm up, we, the gym, started the "Cindy" Workout. Consisting of, 20 minutes, of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, and 15 air Squats. Keep in mind, I was in the top percent-tile scoring 22rounds plus 5 pull ups. My body felt wrecked, as it still does now. Fourty minutes of rest, I challenged my gym owner to a second workout. Considering he would have the advantage since he has yet to workout today, and I would be there for a while, completing my three workouts. The challenge was an easy 10 minute workout. In the duo of exercises and reps consisting of double unders and a squat clean to thruster in the rep set of 50-10-40-8-30-6-20-4-10-2. Sounds brutal, but not really. 150 double unders, 30 squat clean thrusters at the weight of 95#. Not to bash the leader, I did however score a faster time then his by 30 or so seconds. :) Yeah, go ME!!

My two hour nap was restful enough to give me just enough energy for one more 10 minute self workout. So, with a clock counting down from ten minutes, these task must be completed before the time runs out. 1-800meter run then with the remaining time complete as many rounds as possible of 5 deadlifts @ 275#/185#, 6 lateral burpees over your deadlifting bar, and 10 kettle bell swings at an RXd weight of 53# for guys and 35# for females. This workout was the second of five at the "throw down in Motown" competition over the weekend. If I remember correctly, I believe no one completed any part of a sixth round. Not trailing far behind with a completed four rounds, I still have much work to do if I wish to compete in the Crossfit Games this Summer!!

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